The Smell of Trump

I’ve been trying to shut up in order not to make things worse, but I can’t take the bullshit I keep hearing and seeing and smelling.

I keep hearing people say that somehow Twitter and Facebook and Google have violated Trump’s 1st Amendment rights by cutting him off. The 1st Amendment protects us from government limitations of free speech. It has nothing to do with corporations. Hell, these days corporations are treated as persons, and they have 1st Amendment rights too, so they are within their 1st Amendment rights in cutting Trump off. (Which is not to pretend that there are no issues with Big Tech or with corporations being treated as persons.)

But the immediate issue is that we have a president who is trying to subvert the elections and as he said, he wants to “take back the government again.” The government is “we the people,” and a larger percentage of “we the people” said “we’ve had enough Trump” than said “we want more Trump” so now Trump is out on his ass. He claims he lost because of fraud.

Roughly 80 judges looked at the cases brought before them by Trump and his loyalists, and many of those judges were republicans. In fact, some of them were judges whom Trump himself appointed, but that didn’t matter. They all found zero evidence of fraud on a large scale.

Trump claimed that there were tons of dead people who voted in Georgia. Georgia officials checked and found that two “dead people” had voted and both of them had voted for republicans–so Trump lost two votes rather than gaining the 12,000 votes he needed to win the state (which counted their votes 3 times–hello).

The Supreme Court, which is made up of 3 liberals and 6 conservatives–5 of whom are ultra-conservatives, and 3 of those 5 were appointed by Trump–but after looking at the “evidence” that had been submitted, they unanimously refused to accept the case.

The election is over but Trump doesn’t like not getting his way. So he got a group of his crazies riled up and told them to go down and take back the government. And then the next day he threw all of his crazies under the bus and tried to sound like it was all a misunderstanding. And then that night he was pissed at himself for listening to his advisers and he started back in again talking shit.

That’s when Twitter, FB, etc., etc., said, “Okay, we are not going to aid a group that’s attempting a violent overthrow of the United States government. They did that to save their own asses. Otherwise, they could have been held guilty of enabling an attempted coup.

And now there are people claiming that the violence was committed by Antifa when the reality is that it was exactly the opposite. The violence was committed by a bunch of racist Trump supporters. Over 100 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the US Capitol building, and they all have a history of ties to Trump rallies.

It’s hard to admit when you’ve been made a fool of. I’ve been there, so my heart goes out to you. But you’ve got to get a grip.

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